Here and There

The Empire State of Oz?

 As the theme was The Empire State of Oz, I was excited to see how they would pull it off  but unfortunately they didn’t. With the french techno music blaring the first scene of the show began, it was the “Munchkin Land Line Up.” It began as a clip from the beginning of The Wizard of Oz with the black and white scene of the tornado, which reminded me of the dust bowl.  After learning about “The Dirty Thirties” yesterday I was hoping that maybe I would see some of those trends like flower prints and so on incorporated into the show, but no. The first models came out in bright colors and very modern looks. Crop tops and mini skirts.  

Hoping that the next scene would be better I went into it with an open mind. But much to my dismay, again I was disappointed. As I do understand that they are limited to clothing options, the clothes that they had had nothing to do with the Wizard of Oz nor New York City. I feel as though if they had picked the clothes before coming up with a theme it would have been easier for the show to flow. The models were nervous and walked a little fast, which made it impossible to get a good picture of them but other than that they were fabulous. 

My favorite part of the show were the clips of the movie and scenes from the city. I also really liked the lighting and the music that was playing although it didn’t find with the theme of “The Empire State of Oz”. While the idea was intended to be good I feel like it was poorly executed. The Empire State of Oz? More like The Empire State of Confusion. 

Jeff Koons: A Retrospective


The Jeff Koons exhibit A Retrospective taking place in the Whitney Art Museum through October 19th will blow your mind. Jeff Koons, an American artist known for his outlandish artwork got started in the 1980s and was influenced by the legendary artists Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp. 

I walked into the Jeff Koons exhibit not knowing what to expect. As I went into the first exhibit room I was beyond confused. What are these white sculptures and why are there these metallic blue balls on top of them and what does it all mean? I went into the next room trying to analyze another piece of art. Inside, there was a huge advertisement that almost took up the whole wall. It was an ad for “The New Club Gin and Tonic”. Not knowing what this meant I took a look around the gallery to notice that many of the things in there were innovative technologies that every home needs like vacuum cleaners and so on. With this in mind, I entered the next room where there were blow up pool toys of flowers surrounded by mirrors. At first glance you would see this and think, “What are these mirrors doing with these toys?”, but after a while I started to understand. It was all about perspective. 


When looking at this sculpture in particular you could either look at it as two separate things, the mirrors and the blow up toys or you could look at is as a whole and put the two together. It really just depends on your point of view.  While this whole idea of perspective in mind into the next room I went. As I entered there was a sculpture of 3 basketballs in a glass case filled with a liquid. Standing in front of the sculpture there would appear to only be the 3 basketballs but it you stood at an angle you would see that there was more than the 3. Again, it depends on how the person viewing it sees it in their own head. One sculpture in particular really stood out to me. It was a  huge sculpture that resembled Play-Doh. All the colors stacked on top of one another, not blended, just color after color. This reminded me of the the Icelandic singer Bjork. Bjork has been known in the past for breaking the rules and taking risks just as Jeff Koons does with his art. If no one tooks risks and broke the rules everyone would act the same, dress the same and every piece of art would look the same, and the world would be a very boring place.

imageAt first glance these sculptures may appear to be just a big shiny sculpture but looking more in depth you can discover what he truly means to show his viewers. Jeff Koons does an excellent job at challenging his viewers to discover a deeper meaning in his art. 


Ryan Williams

On a wooden bench, a black iPhone lit up as a notification from the Kardashian game appeared on the screen. Next to it sat Ryan Williams in the LIM lobby, a 17 year old girl from Long Island. While her Catholic school girl uniform restricts her from expressing herself on an everyday basis, she still finds ways to do so. 

Madison Mazzola: What interests you about the world of fashion?

Ryan Williams: “Growing up with my father in the entertainment business, I have always been interested in pop culture and fashion. I went to my first fashion week when I was 5.” 

MM: What kind of work would you like to do in the fashion industry?

RW:  ”I think that it would be fun to work in the fashion industry. Not telling people what to do but giving them a sense of direction in what to wear in different situations.” 

MM: How would you describe your style?

RW: “I would describe my style as random. It really depends on my mood. I could go from plaids to neons but then also wear all black or even a jean jacket. I get some of my inspiration from no one famous specifically but just what I see on the streets. The places I shop the most would be Urban Outfitters, Etsy, TopShop.” 

MM:What’s your go to accessory in an outfit?

RW: “This may sound corny, but I think that confidence is a must in every outfit. If you have confidence in what you wear nobody can make you feel insignificant.”

MM: What sets you apart from everyone else fashion wise?

RW: “Going to catholic school I have to wear the same clothes everyday. Once a month we get a dress down day and I live for those. I crave expression. Everyone shouldn’t want to dress like everyone around them. I want to be an individual.”

Pretty in pink

Everyday on the subway I see essentially the same women in the same clothes headed to their workplaces. Usually, these women don’t wear rings on their fingers. In this day and age it is more acceptable for an older woman not to be married, unlike in the past, so women don’t have the same motivation to dress like a woman. Jackie Kennedy Onassis is the prime example of a woman who blended sophistication and femininity with perfection.  

 In the early 1960’s Jackie Kennedy Onassis was a fashion icon and had a lot of influence on the everyday woman. Working women, single women, stay at home moms, The First Lady had an effect on all. Technology now a days allows people take a look into the past and rediscover retro looks. The very feminine Jackie Kennedy look is now making a comeback. Clean lines, monotone colors and tweed are now essentials to every woman’s closet. 

Women today are stuck in the grunge era of the 21st century with the grays, blacks and borings all over. But are they stuck? This trend forecast of the Jackie-inspired, “sophisticated and feminine” look demonstrates that women are in fact transitioning out of this somber grunge era and into a more delicate look. 

Until next time…

As the hours slowly pass in the hectic city, the people of New York go about their uniform lives, oblivious to the detail in the things around them. Off the 6 train, through Grand Central, 149 steps to the office, everyday like the last. How could one “stop and smell the roses” if there are two types of people in the city, those who embrace it and those who do not. New York City is the melting pot for every kind of person, but everyone unique.

On this street walks an older widowed woman carrying groceries almost too heavy for her to handle alone, she travels to the 45th Avenue Amish Market to get the best produce around. She runs her hand along her clothes in her massive closet in her Park Avenue apartment trying to decide what would be most fitting for the day. A multi-colored jacket and black pants with matching shoes was the choice for the day. ”45th and 2nd” she says to the taxi driver when she gets into the cab she hailed from outside her building. As she approaches the market she gets out her list of her grandchildren’s favorite foods, as they will be visiting in the near future. Chocolate chip cookies, peaches, multigrain bread and ham are some things among the many in her cart. As she walks up to the register, Rose, her favorite cashier in the New York area greets her with a big smile. “See you next Wednesday” Judith says as she walks out the door not knowing where the day will now take her.

"The balsamic chicken sandwich here is the highlight of my day" says the mid 40 year old woman dressed in business attire with a pair of cheetah print flats and bags under her eyes. You can tell she has had a long day. " Danielle" her friend says, "How are the kids?"  "Oh they’re in Jersey for the week with their father. I can finally relax" she replies. Back to the office she walks to finish her work so she can relax at home before she heads home for a night out on the town with her girlfriends. 

All these people from all over the area just so happen to cross paths for a second in the day, unaware of the others life stories. Yet they all still continue on their way. Some stopping to smell the roses, and others overlooking them.

45th Street between 2nd and 3rd

A quiet diner situated in the middle of the chaotic city.

On a cloudy day, the vibrant sunflowers make the lives of 45th street pedestrians a little brighter. 

Orange is the new black.

As these busy city walkers go about their daily lives, they might not realize all the beauty in the things around them.

Little miss sunshine takes a stroll on a hot summers day. 

What’s red and black with writing all over?

Just you wait…

As I sat in the room on the first day of class waiting for the teacher to arrive, I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. I had never felt more intimidated in my life. Around me sat a group of well dressed girls and a very chic boy who seemed like they knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives in the fashion world. After the introductions the butterflies in my stomach quickly faded away and I knew that this would be a fabulous group of people to get to know. 

The first discussion that the class had was about how Vogue is being influenced by pop culture rather than high fashion. When looking at the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West cover, we talked about how it should have been on the cover of a gossip magazine and not a high fashion magazine and I agree, if you’re a self proclaimed “lyrical genius” and the star of a sex tape you should not be on the cover of Vogue. Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-chief of Vogue, wanted to make the magazine more relatable to a larger group of people and lost the fashion sense to the magazine that Diana Vreeland brought. Diana Vreeland once said, ”You’re not supposed to give people what they want, you’re supposed to give them what they don’t know that they want yet” This is exactly the opposite to what Anna Wintour is now doing with Vogue. 

Diana Vreeland had an eye like no other and has been an inspiration to many as to defy the “rules” of fashion. Diana Vreeland’s goal while working at Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue was a place to turn to for fashion purposes, unlike the current editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. When looking back on the Vogue archive, there was a clear difference between what the magazine is now and what it used to be. In the magazines today, many of the shots in the editorials are close up shots of the models and do not focus on the fashion, also the captions for these photos are very vague. In the magazines from the 1960s Diana Vreeland drew a clear map as to what the trends would be and how you should wear them. Diana Vreeland had an effect on Vogue and its readers that to this day has been influential to many. 

Why Don’t You…

1.  Paint your face like a tiger and roam around the concrete jungle?

2.  Have a picnic under the stars in a ball gown?

3. Go on that vacation you’ve been dreaming of?

4. Keep a diary of all the special memories you have made with that special someone?

5. Buy your dog a diamond collar but only let him wear it inside the house?

6. Sleep in to avoid the creepy man on the corner?

7. Call that person you’ve meaning to get in touch with?

8. Dress up just in case you run into the one who got away?

9. Go for the nice guy?

10. Do it just because?